Dimensions of our Core vents:

    -  Standard vents range from 1/8" to 1-1/2" in diameter growing in mostly 1/16" increments. 

    -  All of our vents, 1" and smaller, are made .001-.002" larger than the listed diameter.  That allows you to drill the standard fraction size hole into               which the vent will be placed.  

    -  5/16 inch long vents, is our standard vent length.  3/8 inch long and 1/4 inch long vents are also available at an additional cost of 30%

    -  Head thickness depends on the length of the vent: 5/16" & 1/4" long vents have a .090" head thickness; 3/8" long vents have .156" head         thickness.

    -  Core vents without slots, blanks, have a 20% less charge than the slotted of same orientation.

    -  Smooth sided and relief sided parts: Smooth sided have a uniform diameter the length of the part and allows a more seamless look on the mold. Relief sided parts have a slightly smaller diameter on the crown of the part where the slots are cut to allow a press fit that will squeeze less and effects the slot width less.

    -  Custom size or knurled core vents are available – PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTATION.

Metal Specifications of our Core vents:

    - We provide three standard metals from which the core vents are made: 20-11T3 Aluminum, 360 Brass, and 12L14 Steel.

Slot Specifications:

    -  Standard slot width is:   .010” -  .014” - .018”

    -  Dovetailed slotted vents and special slot widths are available – PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTATION.

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